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Organisational development and change 

Effective people and performance management presents an ongoing challenge for Organisations, particularly in a continuously changing environment. The misalignment of your people management strategy and your business strategy can have a significant negative impact not just with your employees, but also on the success of any Organisational change initiatives. 
We review existing systems and make recommendations for change based on our experience of best practice. We help Organisations develop and grow in line with their HR and business strategy and draw upon our expertise and experience across key sectors and Organisations. We offer a number of key services to achieve this. 

Our services 

Organisational Change 
A significant number of Organisational change initiatives end in failure which can then lead to a negative spiralling effect of poor practices and reinforcing the perception of change in itself being negative. Organisational Development is a planned, holistic approach to improving Organisational effectiveness - one that aligns strategy, people and processes. 
Leadership, management, morale and culture are all key areas where Organisations seek to introduce change and are all areas where our Consultants have successfully introduced change initiatives to meet the requirements of our clients. Our Consultants bring together and involve employees and key stakeholders when approaching any change initiative to ensure we have created a clear vision and secured buy-in to the change process. 
HR Strategy 
Through the development of a HR Strategy we identify a roadmap for the Organisation to build a competitive advantage by creating value through the Organisation’s employees. This of course is developed to address the Organisational challenges and achieve the Organisational Strategic objectives. 
We design HR strategy to focus on the core fundamental areas of HR to ensure an effective and efficient internal human resource and people management framework that is aligned with the future direction of HR policy and practice within the Organisation 
HR Audits 
A primary purpose of the HR Audit for Organisations is to conduct a more in depth analysis of the HR function to identify areas of strength and weakness and where improvements may be needed. Conducting an audit involves a review of current practices, policies, and procedures, and may include benchmarking against Organisations not just of similar size and industry, but also in relation to other industries and best innovative practices 
Our Consultants when conducting audits: 
A. Focus on compliance and seek to establish the level of compliance with existing employment legislation. & B. Focus on key HR areas and structures that Organisations should have in place to assist them with the achievement of their plans and effective people management. This includes proactively identifying priority areas and proposed deliverables for a HR Strategic and Operational plan that can create a positive strategic advantage. 
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