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From your Contracts, Policies, Handbooks, procedures etc. our Partnership Programme provides you with the advice and support your Organisation requires to get the most from your most valuable asset, ‘Your People’ and to manage any ER or IR issues that arise within your organisation and so avoiding any external interventions where possible. 

Services to our clients include: 

HR and Employment Law Advice: A designated HR and Employment Law Advisor is provided to each client to understand and support your Organisation. Our advice and supports are guided by the most up to date employment law practices. 
• Our clients have access to our support desk by telephone, email or face to face advice on all Employment Law, Industrial Relations and HR queries
• Our Advisors are qualified, experienced employment law professionals and are available to answer any questions that arises around people management related matters in your Organisation. We will provide you with step by step and easy to follow advice in line with current employment legislation. 
Employee Relations / Industrial Relations Guidance: We will assist you to effectively manage correspondence relating to employee and / or industrial relations issues to reduce any potential risk of litigation. 
Independent Investigations: We specialise in and are a leading provider of independent workplace investigation services to Organisations that are dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour or misconduct which may include bullying and harassment. Our Consultants provide a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to more complex formal investigations. 
Having a third-party independent body to carry out investigations for you adds protection to your organisation if you end up under the scrutiny of the WRC. 
We provide independent workplace investigations that are fair, impartial and thorough. We work with your employees and take a sensitive approach throughout the investigation process. We follow the Organisations policies and procedures and are guided by the current legislation and relevant Codes of Practice. We deliver our findings in a written report, which deals with all evidentiary matters. 
Compliance and Best Practice Ensuring that your contracts of employment and your Employee Handbook (policies & procedures) are fully compliant, current and reflect best practice is crucial to your organisation. As well as ensuring your documentation will pass a WRC inspection, your Advisor will keep you abreast of any changes to Employment Legislation to ensure your documentation is kept up to date. 
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