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Conflict / dispute resolution 

Organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of conflict management and facilitating collaboration to resolve disputes, enhance productivity and the personal satisfaction of their Employees. Our Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution services promote the resolution of workplace disputes at the lowest level possible using conflict resolution and collaborative processes. A Consultant will serve as an impartial third party to help managers and Employees express their workplace concerns, resolve and manage conflict, and learn more productive ways of communicating. 
We specialise in and are a leading provider of independent workplace investigation services to Organisations that are dealing with allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour including grievance, disciplinary, bullying and harassment. Our Consultants provide a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. 

Our services 

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process proven to successfully resolve disputes and conflicts in the workplace. It is an informal, yet structured process guided by our trained mediator who serves as an impartial third party. Our mediator assists the parties involved to hold honest and open, productive discussions to work through problems and reach a satisfactory resolution. 
Similar to mediation, facilitation is a problem solving process guided by an impartial third party. The primary difference is that the facilitator is more likely to involve the parties in making decisions about the content, including the development of ground rules and the agenda. Facilitators do not contribute to the substance of the discussion nor do they have decision-making authority. 
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